About Competition Headwear


Competition Headwear was founded in the early 1980s and acquired by the present owner in 1992. Our factory is located in Colorado, where every cap is manufactured and embroidered according to each customer's desired specifications. Our factory operates 200 heads of embroidery equipment and has the capacity to produce nearly 2,500 caps in a single day.

Our focus is in the promotional, entertainment, tactical and events industries where we have been a supplier to many high-profile marketing and promotional companies. Customers choose us because of our superb quality, reliability, prices and the ease and peace of mind they find in doing business with us. When you buy with us, you know you're getting USA made and decorated caps because that's all we do.

"We have never failed to deliver caps to any customer's event on time"
Laurence Polner, Owner of Competition Headwear

Although our typical production time is usually 3 to 4 weeks, we understand that sometimes it is necessary to rush an order to satisfy the demands of the events and promotions industries. In fact, we've taken large, last-minute orders through production and delivered caps on time to grateful customers within 24 hours.