Over the past ten years, Competition Headwear has transitioned away from traditional catalogs to a more eco friendly and robust online catalog. Since everything we do is made to order, this allows us to promote all of our cap styles and fabrics at all times. It also means that when new colors or fabrics are available, they can be instantly available to you, instead of waiting for a costly catalog printing.

The Finest Caps in Our Easy Step by Step Process:

Our easy to follow process makes designing your cap a pleasure by using only six simple steps.

Step 1 - Choose your cap style & profile.
Step 2 - Choose your fabric & color combinations.
Step 3 - Choose your closure.
Step 4 - Choose your visor style.
Step 5 - Place and customize your embroidery.
Step 6 - Add embellishments to your cap for the final touch.



Use the links to either build a cap step by step or jump to the page you need.


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