Step 1- Choose Your Style and Profile -
All caps are 100% Made in USA

Our customers often ask us why don't we have pages of caps in our catalog. Our answer is simple: The styles below are guides or patterns for you to use to build the cap you want just as a baker uses moulds to build the perfect cake. If you have any question which style is the best fit, just send us a hat and we'll take care of it.


Best Selling Caps

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Fit4You Pro Style MVP Style Trendsetter
Fit4You™ -
Style# 800
The Pro -
Style #300
The MVP -
Style #495
The Trendsetter -
Style #750
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One size fits most. It is available as a S/M or L/XL.


The #1 choice for a USA manufactured alternative to Flexfit! We designed our Fit4You(tm) entirely in house so that we could provide our customers with the best hat possible while maintaining everything you have come to expect from a Competition Headwear hat.

Cap pictured is in tan stretch brushed chino twilll.

Medium-High Profile


The 6 panel Pro is constructed with wider front panels for a larger crown and greater embroidery surface.

Cap pictured is in navy twill with firm structure.

Low - Medium Profile


Our MVP cap style is a low profile, slightly smaller style than the Trendsetter. An ideal fit for almost every customer.

Cap pictured is in olive organic twill with angelsoft structure.

Low to Medium Profile

Featuring a sloped, narrow front and form-fitted crown, this 6 panel cap represents the ultimate in modern style.

Cap pictured is in red brushed bull denim with nickel metal eyelets, a black rollup visor, and firm structure.


5 Panel Caps

Golfer Low Profile Five Panel    
The Golfer -
Style# 100
Low Profile 5 Panel -
Style #150
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Our 5 panel cap boasts a prominent single front panel for our most traditional style.

Cap pictured is in white twill crown with a forest green visor, contrasting sewn eyelets and a mesh stay for structure.

We recommend either a mesh stay, soft buckram, or angelsoft structure.

Our low profile five panel gives a modern twist to a classic style.


This style has a smaller front panel to update the profile.


Although any fabric can be used for the front, we recommend an interlock for a youthful "trucker" look.




Specialty Caps

Minimum order of 1000 caps may apply to European style

Milicap European Trail Cap  
The Milicap
The European -
Style #1500
The Camp Cap -
Style #2075
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Our USA version of this popular style of caps allows our customers to get exactly what they want. All our normal options are available on this cap from differnent fabrics and colors, to a multitude of visor options.Additionally, you can order the Milicap without a band for a cleaner embroidery field.

Cap pictured is in charcoal brushed chino twill.

This seven panel cap with a distinct European flair features a single front panel for smooth embroidery while maintaining a low profile similar to our six panel caps.

Cap pictured is in jalapeno brushed cotton with angelsoft structure..

This five panel cap is designed to combine the seamless front panel of the European with a buttonless designer.

It is ideal for patch applications.




Pro Visor Sunshade    
The Pro Visor -
Style# 2100
The Sunshade -
Style #450 -
Minimum Order 1000 Visors
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This sporty structured visor is made with a comfortable 2 piece velcro closure.

Cap pictured is in navy twill with firm structure. It is available in low, medium and high profile.

This traditional sunshade offers comfort and great sun protection. The terrycloth sweatband makes it the perfect visor for golf, tennis or just sitting by the pool.

Cap pictured is in red brushed cotton with a black contrasting band.



Ladies' & Children's Caps

Champion Junior Toddler  
The Champion -
Style# 1000
The - Junior
Style #900
The Toddler
Style #650
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Low Profile


Similar to the Trendsetter and MVP, this 6 panel cap is fashioned with a more shallow crown, making it ideal for both women and juniors.

Cap pictured is in a black brushed canvas with a red sandwich visor and it is unstructured.

Ages 3 - 10 years


Our Junior size cap was specifically designed for children right between the Toddler and Champion size caps. A comfortable terry cloth sweatband makes this the perfect hat for young children.

Cap pictured is in black brushed coton with matching sewn eyelets and a royal rollup visor. It has Angelsoft structure.

Ages 6 months to 4 years


A specialty item, this 6 panel cap was created for children ages 6 months to 4 years.

Cap pictured is in light blue twill with matching sewn eyelets. It is unstructured.



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