How to tell if a company can provide Verifiable Made In USA Baseball Caps


A question we are often asked as manufacturers is, how can I tell the difference between your company, and your competitors who say they're Made in the USA but you say they are only assembled in the USA.


Over our almost 30 years in business, we have found a few tips and tricks to help you, the customer, discover if a company can be VERIFIED as USA Manufacturers.



Inside of Our Cap Showing Label in Tape


When a label is sewn into the sweatband, it can very easily be removed and then replaced with no noticeable change to the cap.


If a label is sewn into the tape, as in the picture above, you would have to remove the sweatband, remove the black fabric over the back, remove the embroidery, and then the black fabric where the label goes. We sew this label in as we are manufacturing the caps so you know it is all done in the USA.




If you are working on a large order, customers are always invited to stop by our factory and see the caps being produced. Any legitimate USA manufacturer should be willing to offer the same courtesy to a customer.


We hope you have found these guidelines helpful. Please remember that just because a company is not able to satisfy one of these conditions it does not mean they are not making caps in the USA, it just means that perhaps you need to ask a few more questions.