For almost 30 years, we've built our customer base exclusively through word of mouth recommendations. Here are a few of our favorite comments.


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Thanks - I love when invoices get EMAILED!  Much faster process - do appreciate and the caps looked great! 

We love your work and the great response and dedication we get from you, this was just a qty. issue on this particular cap.  Now, if you can get the qty that low and the price is still as it was, I will definitely let you do them

Hi Larry,

Yes, everything went well….

Newmont always loves their hats…you do a GREAT JOB always!!  J

Thanks again for your prompt delivery for Newmont…

We have purchased embroidered caps from Competition Headwear for a number of years as a promotional tool to enhance our Agency's identity and build goodwill with our cooperators.  Competition Headwear always produces a high quality cap that is an excellent value and provides accurate and timely service.

"I need to find out how fast you can produce 500-1000 hats once we tell you to go ahead with it."

"One day--- will that work?"

"That's perfect!  You are wonderful!!  I will let you know what type of sample I need by tomorrow and we can go from there.  Thank you so much!"

You are amazing!  I called at the last minute with just 5 days before a deadline and you were extremely helpful, followed up on phone calls and got the job done.  I can’t thank you and your company enough.

Received my two overruns and they sit in a place of honor in our showroom.
The client is thrilled with the hats, beyond his expectation. He's anxious
for the tournament so he can proudly give them out.
Thanks for beautiful work.

perfect perfect perfect -- thanks soo much

Well I have spread the word in the company that I found a great cap supplier that holds his standards as high as Imperial does and I have had a one sales rep and marketing coordinator call me for your phone number

Thank you for giving us a great product for our customers.

Just got this email from the guy whom I gave the hat to..........thought you might enjoy reading............see what a GOOD job you do?

"Linda, this is the coolest cap I have ever owned"

Were a huge hit...thanks for helping me out...
We definitely made some BIG brownie points!

Everyone here is very impressed with the quality of your work service.

We will be sure to steer more business your way.

I appreciate your offer of a sample or two.
Most supplies don't do this and we don't get to see 90% of the finished
products we sell!
I will be sure to spread the word among the other reps. about your
outstanding service and attention to detail

I can't say enough great things about Larry and his company.  His is a
great company to work with and VERY accommodating.  I only wish more vendors were like him!  I have encouraged him to join the group if possible

Everything was great. I appreciate your willingness to work with me on this and the follow thru on everything

Thanks for all your help.  You seriously saved my a**
by having these hats in on time-Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.